“The Drama Sessions is an online drama foundation course that includes filmed acting lessons in the form of a mini drama series. Brad and Lyndsay are actors whose relationship has been strained ever since Brad betrayed Lyndsay’s trust. It was a relatively small matter but Lyndsay’s lack of confidence in herself and her abilities allied to a personal life with a boyfriend who is the epitome of chauvinism, has ensured that it has continued to rankle with her. Meanwhile, Brad has problems of his own, not least the fact that he has an agent who seems to be less than ‘hands on’ and that his last job was playing a peanut. Throughout the course of The Drama Sessions we see Brad and Lyndsay focusing on their hopes for the future, coping with fears of failure and navigating their complicated friends-enemies, on-off relationship. It is a storyline developed against a backdrop that includes a cast of strange, colourful and frequently eccentric characters. Will they find closure in the end? Will they find success? Will Lyndsay discover confidence and a new boyfriend? Will Brad make that all important step from peanut to stardom? The answers are revealed in The Drama Sessions.”

The Drama Sessions will consist of 12×12 minute shorts. Episodes 1-6 and Episode 8 were shot between January and July 2012. Episode 7 and Episodes 9-12 were shot between August and November 2012. Editing will commence early in 2013.

Production Co. – White Space Films
Director – Jon Campbell
Cinematographer – Pedro Ribeiro

The Drama Sessions Short Series

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