Unknown to most, the amount of homeless individuals and families in the UK is at its highest point in a generation, and continuing to rise. Although some government and private assistance is in place, it’s not nearly enough to tackle the ongoing epidemic.
One of the biggest risers is homelessness amongst the young. In his own words, Jordan recalls his thoughts and fears from childhood through to his eventual experience of homelessness.
In association with the UK charity, Depaul, the film draws attention to the current crisis in the UK regarding homelessness and the corresponding lack of suitable social housing.

Featuring: Jordan Brooks, Christian Bart-Gittens, Sara Legister
Directed and Produced by. Prakash Nathan
DOP. Andrew M Fletcher
B cam. Pedro Ribeiro
Editor. Nathan Kash
Sound design. Adam Smyth
Colourist. Oisin O’Driscoll
VFX. Urban Strom
Post-producer. Lucy Mason; Jack Williams
Titles. Francis Lofthouse
Best boy. John Ogun
Domino Publishing. Lynden Campbell; Stephen Newell
Hyperdub. Kris Jones; Marcus Scott
Special thanks. Colin Oaten; Dan Butler; Dupe Ojo; Jo Ridley; everyone at Depaul UK



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